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  • Are Baba Bags Machine Washable?
    Yes! Because our bags are made out of 100% organic cotton they can be machine washed. Make sure to wash on a cold setting and hang to dry. Here is a video of our best practices when washing your Baba Bag!
  • Can small things fall through my Baba Bag?
    Because of the design of our bags it is possible for very small items to fall out. For example something the size of a garlic bulb will stay in but anything smaller than a cherry tomato will fall through. To get specific the holes are typically around 1 square inch in size so any item smaller would fall through.
  • Are Baba Bags all the same size?
    Each of our bags are designed the same with dimensions of 17 in. x 22 in. but since they are all individually handmade there may be slight variations in size between bags.
  • What does a Baba Bag Lifetime Guarantee mean?
    Each Baba Bag comes with a Lifetime Warranty meaning if your bag rips for ANY reason we will replace your bag free of charge. We have created a bag that is meant to last you a lifetime that can be passed on from generation to generation. We are so proud of the quality of our product and made sure we created a bag that isn't used for a couple of years and than thrown away in our landfills like some other reusable bags. We want you buying more Baba Bags because you want different colors, styles or want to give them as a gift to a friend! Not because its falling apart. But of course accidents happen. So if its a sharp edge that rips you bag or a your dog gets its paws on it you bag email us at with photo of the damage and we will send you out a new Baba Bag!
  • How much can a Baba Bag hold?
    Our bags are thoughtfully designed and made with strong materials in order to hold a lot. Each of our bags can hold up to 120lbs! That is approximately the weight of 14 gallons of milk - so get creative and put our bags to the test!
  • Can I recommend a nonprofit for Thats Baba to partner with?
    Yes! We love hearing what social causes are important to our customers. We are always looking for new nonprofit partners as we grow so feel free to email us suggestions at!
  • Do you wholesale or create custom bags?
    Thats Baba is always looking for wholesale partners. Email us at to reach our wholesale team. Baba Bags has made custom bags for fundraisers for youth organizations, churches and small businesses. We are happy to create a custom color and tag for any event or fundraiser. Just email us at and tell us your idea!
  • What's the benefit of getting more than one Baba Bag online? Any discounts?
    We estimate if you use two Baba Bags to go grocery shopping twice a week you save 520 plastic bags in a year! The more Baba Bags you use the more plastic bags you refuse! When you purchase more than one bag you are eligible for our Furthering Your Impact Discount. Use Promo Code "Baba Bags" at checkout for free shipping!
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