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Doing Business as Baba Would

Baba means Grandma in Ukrainian. In 2019, we started a social enterprise inspired by a handmade reusable bag our Ukrainian grandmother brought from Ukraine to our family in Chicago.


Our intention is to treat our customers, our planet, and Ukraine with the same love and care as Baba would!

Help make a global impact

Baba Bags

Our handmade bags are more than just an accessory – they're a statement of your commitment to reducing waste and supporting artisans in Ukraine during wartime. Our bags are crafted with the same resilience and strength as their makers, serving as a symbol of Ukraine’s unwavering light during times of darkness.

Our versatile, handmade bags can serve a multitude of purposes – from spacious beach totes to reliable
lunch carriers, practical gym bags to unique plant holders. With endless possibilities, the only limit is
your imagination! Plus, they're ultra-compact and can easily fit in your pocket or purse, so you can
always have one on hand. When you buy a bag you join our family and that's why every bag comes with a lifetime warranty. Join us in making a difference, one Baba Bag at a time.

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Support Ukraine during wartime

Baba Bandanas


After the full-scale war broke out in Ukraine, we launched

the Baba Bandana as a fundraising product. Our goal was

to showcase some of Ukraine's beautiful symbols on a

wearable item that people (and pets) could use to

demonstrate their support for the country.


So far, the bandana has generated $4,000 in proceeds,

which we utilized to donate medical supplies to individuals

in Ukraine and 56 thermal outfits for orphans, staffers,

and 2 cooks(who were grandmothers!)

at a winter camp in Ukraine.




What do our customers say?

Far too often we find ourselves running into the store for "just one item," and then we end up buying enough that we need to use a bag. My baba bag fits perfectly in my purse, so I'm never forced to use plastic bags. Further, these things are very strong & durable and hold A TON of stuff! I am so happy with my Baba Bag, and I've ever bought some as gifts for my other sustainability-focused friends! Truly a fantastic product!


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